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This week’s Startup feature is Spellbound.io. The email marketing platform transforming the way customers interact in their inboxes. Captivate your audience with email experiences like never before.

Company & Team Introduction

Spellbound is an email marketing platform that offers customers the ability to create powerful interactive experiences. The company was founded by Akshaya Dinesh @akshayadinesh19, a bright 23-year-old entrepreneur with an already extensive resume including:

- Self-taught software engineer, started coding in grade 8.
- Thiel Fellow.
- Attended Stanford CS before leaving to build a prior startup.
- Founded multiple startups including Ladder and Spellbound.

Her first startup was a consumer social platform called Ladder, which was a professional network connecting GenZ with mentors, job opportunities, communities, etc. Ladder had incredibly strong financial backing raising 3.7M from top venture firms and angels including Forerunner VC, Seven Seven Six, Harry Stebbings, Josh Elman, Tony Xu. In 2023, Ladder was acquired by Handshake for an undisclosed amount, although Akshaya left the company a few years prior. For the first 6 months after Spellbound’s founding in September 2021, Akshaya and her team were quietly building in stealth. Now, she’s unlocking new email capabilities for Spellbound customers that produce astonishing results. Spellbound has chosen to build their team remotely in order to attract top talent from across the globe.

Product Overview

Spellbound is building the future of emails. Their platform offers customers an easy-to-use no-code email marketing software that allows anyone to embed powerful interactive experiences directly inside their emails. Brands can build uniquely customized widgets like games to give away discounts, and collect reviews or SMS contacts without making customers leave their inbox! With this massive reduction in friction early adopters of the product like Feastables have seen their conversion rates skyrocket. No more link-hopping through endless pages to capture leads like SMS numbers, easily administer forms and surveys, book appointments, and collect reviews right from your customer’s inbox. All customer demos are done by Akshaya herself and she is very much in the weeds talking to customers, getting product feedback, listening to feature requests, and finding out customer pain points.

Market Opportunity

Spellbound is tackling an enormous market that’s still experiencing rapid growth. Email marketing’s total addressable market is estimated to balloon from an already massive 7.5B in 2020 to upwards of 17.9B by 2027, for an impressive 13.3% compound annual growth rate through the period. Email marketing has an established track record of producing strong ROI as a channel, estimated to generate ~$36 in revenue for every $1 spent and enjoys strong staying power as brands want to own their audience, rather than being subject to algorithm/policy changes of different social media platforms.

Business Model & The Numbers

Spellbound utilizes a B2B SaaS business model, but their exact pricing is unknown at this point and highly variable due to the customization of certain widgets and the discreet nature of the startup thus far. Early customers of Spellbound have seen incredible results using their technology, here are some case studies from some of the top businesses in the world.

  • Mailgun saw a staggering 81.9% increase in signups for their webinar event with the help of an interactive event invite built by Spellbound, which was sent in over 140k emails to Mailgun customers.

  • Kaja increased their reviews by 2.8x using a Spellbound review widget.

  • Dr. Squatch uses spellbound to drive a 30% increase in SMS numbers collected per email sent.

With such strong early results, the adoption of this technology is inevitable as it reduces massive friction and drives meaningful increases in conversion rates.


Spellbound has seen robust early demand for its platform. The product sells itself and growth to date has been largely organic. The company has already worked with a laundry list of the top DTC and software brands in the world such as Mr. Beast’s Feastables, Dr. Squatch, Olipop, Kaja, Mailgun etc. Spellbound has built up a community of passionate people who are excited about the capabilities of interactive emails and the results they can drive for their business. The company has already cultivated a strong initial following on social media with over 800 followers on Linkedin and 1000 on X, and early testimonials show delighted end customers who appreciate the design, experience, and ease of use Spellbound delivers.


Direct competition in the space is non-existent, as Spellbound is the first to market with this new interactive email technology. It is important to note that the company is not competing with legacy Email Service Providers and actually integrates with many of the most popular ESPs like SendGrid, Iterable, Mailgun, Braze, Klaviyo, and Customer.io to maintain strong email deliverability.

Funding Details

Spellbound has not raised funding thus far but is deliberately keeping its team extremely lean, with each new hire having top expertise in their respective role. Definitely a company to keep at the top of your watchlist for upcoming funding rounds and career opportunities!

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