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Texts.com - Every Communication Channel, One Inbox

Centralize Your Texts, DMs, & Messages With Texts

This week’s Startup feature is Texts.com. Texts is the tool you need to finally get your inbox to 0. It combines all your communication channels into one easy-to-use platform to help you stay organized and never miss a message.

Company & Team Introduction

Texts.com is a unified social inbox that streamlines digital connections by centralizing every messaging platform, such as iMessage, social media DMs, discord/slack channels, etc., into a single interface. The company was founded by Kishan Bagaria @KishanBagaria in early 2020. They have chosen to build out their team remotely to deepen their potential talent pool with an already globally distributed employee base of ~10 employees ranging from the US, Canada, Netherlands, Istanbul, etc.

Product Overview

Texts’ platform connects all your social channels, including iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Reddit, X, Telegram, Discord, Slack, Linkedin, WhatsApp, etc., into a single easy-to-use client interface. Texts is built with a security-first approach; no messages sent through the platform ever touch their servers and maintain end-to-end encryption. The team ships thoughtful features and quickly responds to and fixes customer requests. Some incredibly useful features that the Texts.com team has shipped are:

- Quick replies for those repetitive messages.
- Thread Labels and filter panes to help keep your inbox clean and easy to read.
- Voice transcription to quickly get thoughts down.
- Global inbox search for finding that message no matter what platform it was sent on.
- Delayed notifications for when people must send their message in 5 different parts.

Although Texts.com’s platform is a seemingly straightforward product, maintaining 10+ constantly changing integrations to the platform has proven to be a complex technical challenge. The company is built with a tech stack of Typescript, React.js, Node.js, Rust, and Postgresql.

Total Addressable Market

The total addressable market for a unified messaging client is unclear due to the novelty of the vertical. It is clear that online communication today is extremely fragmented with so many different messaging endpoints, and it is a problem billions of people around the world experience.

Business Model & The Numbers

Texts.com utilizes a simple SaaS-based business model with two-tier pricing based on personal or work use to monetize its platform. The personal use tier is priced at $15/month ($12.50/month paid yearly), which gives the user complete access to every platform and the work tier is priced at $30/month ($25.00/month paid yearly). There is a free tier with limited functionality, but you will be placed on a waitlist unless you receive an invitation code. There are also pricing discounts for students.


Since its founding in 2020, Texts’ platform has had strong traction. The company receives a ton of positive feedback from highly technological users. The team has built a very intuitive product, and their customer obsession helps them understand what features actually need to be built. There is a genuine desire from customers for a solution like Texts.


Texts.com's competition is feeble, only having one formidable competitor in Beeper.com. Countless B2B marketing companies offer unified social inbox tools to help streamline their social media management. Still, they are missing critical integrations like SMS/texting, which are essential parts of consumer messaging flows and are overly complex and expensive for individuals. Texts.com and Beeper’s B2C focus and easy-to-use interfaces have allowed them to create their own B2C market segment. Here is some diligence on Beeper:

Beeper.com was founded in 2020 by CEO Eric Migicovsky and CTO Brad Murray. The pair set out to fix what they saw as a massive opportunity, building to solve the problem of too many messaging channels. Their solution was to create a platform that integrates 15+ messaging apps into one simple inbox. Beeper’s platform has features such as unified contact and message search, the ability to schedule messages, and mark chats as unread after you read them. The company participated in YCombinator (S21) and has also raised an 11.5M series A. Beeper has ~33 employees and is headquartered in East Palo Alto, California.

Deal Terms

Texts.com has raised two rounds of funding since their founding in 2020. First, they raised a seed round for an undisclosed amount in June 2021 and then another round in December 2022 for an unknown amount. Each round had strong backers, such as the founders of Vercel and Superhuman, with participation from investors affiliated with top companies such as Stripe, Coinbase, X, Meta, and Snap.

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